ROMEG M 10/20G




ROMEG M 10G and ROMEG M 20G are laser devices for geometry measurement of wind turbine Rotors.


The ROMEG measurement is a laser-based Procedere for the verification of the dynamic and aerolastic behavior of the rotor and the whole turbine.
ROMEG can detect aerodynamically excited imbalances and indicate mass excited imbalances.



Measurements are taken with the turbine in regular Operation.

ROMEG method

Two laser measurement distances are created for scanning the rotor blades at two points. Blade profiles and tower oscillations will be recorded in parallel.







On the left you see an image of ROMEG system in operation.


Illustration of blade profiles measured with ROMEG:


Profiles with 0.2°                                               Profiles with 0.6°                                        Profiles with 1.2°


In addition to the blade profiles, tower movements will also be recorded and illustrated in relation to the number of revolutions.


Tower movement with 0.2°                             Tower movement with 0.6°                        Tower movement with 1.2° 

Results are available immediately on site.

ROMEg M 10 G


Datasheet ROMEG M 10 G ENG.pdf
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Datasheet ROMEG M 20 G ENG.pdf
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ROMEG-M Sample Report
ROMEG-M sample report ENG.pdf
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